Innovative and ahead of the pack, Tailored Beverage Company is redefining the beverage industry.  


Ready To Drink Craft Cocktails

Crafted from Melbourne’s world-class premium ingredients from cold drip espresso to fresh Australian limes, Melbourne Martini serves up delicious ready-to-drink cocktails with distinct, artfully balanced flavour combinations of all your favourites.


Sparkling Wine In A Can

Wine & Wine brought Australia its first wine-in-a-can, serving up an environmentally conscious tipple for Sunday arvo BBQs, antipasto nights and every celebration in between.


Cocktail Cold Drip Coffee

Designed by Australia’s best bartenders, this original cold extracted coffee is the ultimate weapon for artisanal cocktail creation. Boasting world-class crema and consistency in flavour, Little Drippa has to be tasted to be believed.


Alcoholic Kombucha

Meet Naughty Booch - Australia’s first Alcoholic Kombucha. Naughty Booch fuses the juicy flavours and benefits of Kombucha with a cheeky edge, to have you ripe for tonight (and ready for the morning after).


As Premium as Tequila Can Get

No cut-corners - just the best possible ingredients and age-old family secrets to produce a tequila unlike any other. This is Los Bajos’ finest drop.


Beverage Tailored to Your Needs

Our bar cart holds a range of alcoholic beverages including Melbourne Martini single-serve craft cocktails, Rosé Rosé sparkling wine-in-a-can and Naughty Booch boozy kombucha.

Got your own idea for a new drop? We’re also passionate about taking beverages from ‘concept to shelf’ and can work alongside you to create a great concoction.



White Label Coffee

Cold Drip Beverages creates premium white label coffee products, including artisanal cocktail weapon Little Drippa.