Tailored Beverage Company is making innovations in the beverage scene

Melbourne Martini

Ready To Drink Craft Cocktails

Crafted from Melbourne’s world-class premium ingredients from cold drip espresso to fresh Australian limes, Melbourne Martini serves up delicious ready-to-drink cocktails with distinct, artfully balanced flavour combinations of all your favourites.


Rosé Rosé

Sparkling Wine In A Can

Fun, fresh and lightly sparkling, the Australian first ready-to-drink Rosé in a can is the deliciously refreshing beverage designed for you to take a little sparkle wherever you go.


Little Drippa

Cocktail Cold Drip Coffee

Designed by Australia’s best bartenders, this original cold extracted coffee is the ultimate weapon for artisanal cocktail creation. Boasting world-class crema and consistency in flavour, Little Drippa has to be tasted to be believed.



Alcoholic Kombucha

Naughty Booch fuses the juicy flavours and benefits of Kombucha, with a cheeky edge. Forget the beer belly and next-day regrets - this natural buzz will have you ripe for tonight (and ready for the morning after).


Código 1530

The Most Selective Tequila In The World

With no commercial pressure to ever bring this private tequila to market, a small group of Mexican families have heartily funded it. – that have made it the most selective tequila in the world.